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Dance program

The schedule in both weeks:


Monday-Friday from 9:30 - 13:00


9:30-10:30: Son, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Afro Cuban dance




10:40-11:40: Salsa couples dancing




12:00-13:00: Rueda de Casino

There will be plenty of time to take extra classes in the second week, if you like. Extra classes cost 15 CUC per hour (20 USD)


We make a little presentation on the last day of class, where the different levels, together with the teachers, will show what they have learned during the course.


The afternoon/evening activity’s the first week will be: A city tour around old Havana, one salsa concert together with all the Cuban dancers and instructors, and dinner. A visit where you will see the Cuban dancers rehearse at the national dance school and a night out at a salsa disco, together with all the Cuban dancers. This activates you have to pay all together the first day to our guide in Cuba, and the total cost is 150 euros.


In the second week we have no afternoon/evening activity’s in the program, but you'll have a lot of options, for activities you can join, such as going to santeria parties, cabarets, theatres, beaches etc. The guide will tell more about it in Cuba on the meeting the first day

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