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                  Trips to Cuba

Salsa dance courses in Cuba for 14 days

Get the real Cuban feeling!

Join us!




No matter if you are a beginner or an advanced dancer, you will love this salsa course! Your dance partner will make sure, that you will feel safe through the whole dance course in Cuba!


The professional team are there for you!


Mi Salsa Cubana have held these courses since 1998, and our clients come back every year to relive the Cuban feeling.

We have some of the most talented teachers in Cuba. They are all educated from the National school of dance in Cuba.

We are one of the cheapest and best at the marked.

We offer all levels: beginners, intermediate and advance. Our classes are for boys, girls, ladies, gentlemen, 

singles, and couples.

During the first week there will be a wide range of activities in the afternoon/evenings, which is part of the package.

It is possible to only attend for one week which will be half price.  


You can decide yourself, when you will arrive and depart.


Please notice that it is also possible to extend your stay and pay a bit extra.

Dates 2021 

27. March - 10. April (on this trip the classes take place each day between 11-20, so it is up to you, if you like to stay 10 or 14 days, and when you like to travel) ​


Two weeks (14 nights) cost 1000 Euro, plus extra 200 euro, if you prefer a single room. The trips are 14 nights, 10 days of classes, which are 3 hours a day. The dance course starts on Monday morning.

Every student is paired up with a carefully selected Cuban dance partner, exclusively chosen by the experienced leader, Stine Ortvad.


If you are unable to travel on the dates indicated, please let us know, and we can create a program for you at the time you prefer at the dance school. The courses range from one week up to 1 year. This can be found under the menu ”individual programs”.


If you come from the U.S., it is also possible to attend. When you purchase your plane ticket, they can help and guide you regarding the arrival in Cuba. You do not get a stamp in your passport.


The dances taught in this program are: Salsa, Son, Rueda de Casino, Mambo, Cha Cha Cha, Rumba and Afro Cuban dance.

The classes:

Sign up and payment:

Important information:

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